01. Februar 2008

From USA you can download the CD "let's swunk" on amazon.com
From UK you can download the CD "let's swunk" on partymob.com

20. Februar 2008

The "Firehorns" music from the CD Let's swunk, is now available on amazon.com>

05. November 2007

By now there are demos of all titles of the Firehorns available Listen now

29. September 2007

The CD "Firehorns" is published as an attachment in the Clarino.

22. August 2007

Now Let's swunk is available in the USA, too .

21. August 2007

Now you can listen to Firehorns on the “Dig Radio Sydney” .

Let's Swunk

Lets Swunk

The CD "Let's Swunk" is available in the shop!
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